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Why choose Kampot pepper US?

Natural spice
Our farmer didn't use chemicals fertilizers or pesticides. They use  traditional and natural fertilizers bases on vegetables and crabs waste. Indeed, Kampot is located near the sea.

Fresh spice
The new harvest start in february until may, and you are insure to buy fresh Kampot peppercorns from the year. For optimal use of essential oil, it is good to know that the peppercorns keeps 3 years and the ground pepper keeps 3 months.

No mix
We work with only one local farmer, that you have select for qulity of its Kampot pepper. Our black, red or white pepper isnt a mix of different fields or farmers. Our Kampot pepper is a reflection of a unique terroir.

Fair trade
We work with an unique local farmer in a equitable relationship and loyalty.

Our Kampot pepper is handpicked and sorted by hand. All peppercorns do not meet a certain quality are removed with tweezers.

Culinary properties
You will be surprise by its deep spicy flavors. Kampot pepper is an Asian spice sought which is known to the delight of chefs in the world. Its consider like one of the best pepper in the world.

What is Kampot pepper?

Kampot pepper comes from a liana and grows in clusters. Variety of Kampot pepper is Piper Nigrum. In Cambodia, Kampot pepper cultivation is performed on dead wood guardians about 3 meters in height. Grown in the Kampot province is the location between sea and mountains gives the Kampot pepper all its qualities of flavor and fragrance. It is for all these reasons that today Kampot pepper is a spice of exception considered one of the best pepper in the world. Kampot pepper it is green, black, red or white from the same plant.

On the liana, when green pepper is mature it starts to become yellow color, the harvest can begin. Harvesting is done grains by grains so that only mature grains are harvested. Kampot peppercorns are then dried in the sun where they turn black and then sorted and graded by hand. This last step is grain by grain using tweezers.

With strong and spicy aromas, Kampot black pepper reveals warm notes of flowers, eucalyptus and mint.

Chef's tip: Kampot black pepper spice is perfect to pepper your kitchen because it suits with everything. However, black pepper Kampot will be perfect with your red meat or grilling.

When peppercorns reach their mature color changes to red. Pick-up grains one by one while following a first step of drying in the sun. This step is fast and followed carefully because the grains must retain their red color. Then the peppercorns are sorted and graded by hand. Kampot red pepper is considered like a rare spice because of the difficulty in harvesting. This pepper is prized by gourmets.

From fruity and spicy, red pepper is very powerful because of its maturity.

Chef's tip: Red pepper Kampot is highly recommended to accompany your strong meats like game. In addition, its sweet notes of berries will make an excellent ally for your desserts.

It is when the peppercorns turn red on the liana, the harvest can begin. Kampot pepper then arrived at full maturity. Just harvested red pepercorns are directly immersed in salt water for several days in order to separate the wheat from the envellope of the red pepper. The white peppercorns from Kampot thus obtained are dried in the sun. Then the peppercorns are sorted and graded by hand. White Kampot pepper is considered a rare spice because of the difficulty in obtaining it.

Delicate notes of fresh mint, citrus and soil characteristic white pepper Kampot. Due to the loss of his envellope, white Kampot pepper is less intense aromas. In Kampot, white pepper is obtained exclusively from red pepper flavor because it has much more powerful and subtle as if they were obtained from black pepper.

Chef's tip: White pepper Kampot will agree perfectly with your seafood and fish.

harvest kampot pepper

Properties of black Kampot Pepper

Kampot Pepper for a good digestion
Pepper contains a spicy resin called chavicine. This substance stimulates the production of saliva, which plays the leading role in the digestive phase and protects teeth by reducing the acidity in the mouth. Saliva separates components nouriture to facilitate assimilation by the body. Kampot pepper also enhances creation pancréatriques juices. So Kampot pepper, you ensure a smooth process of digestion, no more bloating, heaviness, flatulence and other heartburn. Pepper is not advisable in case of stomach ulcers and hemorrhoidal crisis.

Kampot pepper is an allied of your intestinal flora
Against gastro-enteritis and intestinal disorders, Kampot pepper is very effective. Preventive action actually an antibiotic and a suppressor for your intestines and also helps reduce the fermentation. If you are already sick, mix pepper with turmeric (coriander and ginger also possible) for better action.

Kampot Pepper Help your health
Kampot pepper contains an active ingredient called piperine, which stimulates the production of bile by the liver. The role played scrubber toxins by the liver and is strengthened through the pepper. There is a diuretic action. In addition, the pepper has a second detoxifying properties. It causes dilation of the renal artery, thus increases the production of urine. Finally, the pepper plays a third role in facilitating detoxifying perspiration, increased capillary vessels of the skin.

Kampot Pepper is perfect for diet
Often diet menus have little taste. Kampot pepper will be a great ally to keep your silhouette as salads, soups and grilled meats perfectly will be accompanied by black pepper, white pepper or red pepper. Pepper keeps the pleasure of eating while having easy digestion.
On the other hand, Kampot pepper helps seniors find the taste of food. With aging, the taste lose their effectiveness quickly become tasteless meals. The power of taste and flavors of Kampot pepper have a positive effect by stimulating the taste and restore the appetite.

Kampot pepper for disease of the winter
Kampot pepper has a local anesthetic action, making it very useful during winter. Against bronchitis, laryngitis, colds and other nasopharyngitis, do not hesitate to use Kampot pepper. Boil 1/2 liter of water and let infuse the equivalent of 40 ground peppercorns and 2 cloves of garlic. Finally sweeten the potion with honey and drink in the morning, afternoon and evening.

Kampot pepper for small pain
Grandmothers' recipes tell in some liniments (massage oils used for medical purposes) pepper there was used against headaches, muscle and joint pain .. Pepper powder was mixed with oil and then massage the painful area.

black and green kampot pepper

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